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More About Longboard Skateboards

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When skateboarding first came about, most of the boards were fish shaped. They were slender and sleek, and were situated on top of four large, soft wheels. This is why these boards are the predecessor to the longboard skateboards we know and recognize today Summit Board.

A generic, popsicle-stick shaped skateboard evolved to allow the user to perform tricks more easily. However, tricks aren’t for everyone. Longboard skateboards are great for people who want to skate, but either can’t or don’t want to do tricks. Longboard skateboards are excellent for transportation whereas the popsicle decks really aren’t.

Every longboard is different. Different longboarders need different longboard skateboards. It’s a matter of preference to the rider. Just like they taught you in school – everyone is different. In turn, each longboarder needs to find the right board for him or herself.

If a longboarder wants to cruise down a hill as fast as possible, they will probably want a deck with bigger wheels and a wider truck base so that they don’t lose control at high speeds. If a longboarder wants to get from point a to point b, they will usually invest in something a little shorter than a normal longboard. This helps keep it portable.

If you thought those two types of longboards sounded interesting, then you should keep researching, because there are many, many more types of longboard skateboards. If you want to get into the world of longboarding after reading then go for it! Start at your local skateshop and don’t forget to buy some pads and a helmet.